About Self-Guided & Guided holidays

Whether you prefer a cycling holiday following a map and exploring on your own or the reassurance of an experienced guide, you can get the most out of your next cycling holiday with our Guided and Self-Guided cycle tour options.

Self-Guided Cycling Holidays

  • Enjoy the surrounding landscape at your own pace following detailed maps, handbooks and printed guides.
  • We meet you at the start of the your trip to set up your bike, give you a welcome introduction to the route and details for support whilst riding.
  • All of your luggage is transported from hotel to hotel. So all you need to carry with you are basic essentials and food for the journey. If you are daunted by the distance, don’t worry! You have all day to get to your next hotel.
  • You will be travelling solo, however someone will be on-call for support in the event of a mechanical breakdown.
  • Don’t race! Take your time to stop off at local attractions detailed on the schedule
  • All of the planning has been done by us, so follow the guidebook and you will be fine!

Guided Cycling Holidays

  • They will take time to ensure you know the route, so there is never a worry about getting lost.
  • There is a guide always by your side and our support vehicle following behind carrying your luggage (if on a touring holiday).
  • The guides are knowledgeable and seasoned cyclists who can fix just about anything mechanical.
  • They know lots about the local history and culture – and unsurprisingly, a deep knowledge of cycling the area and good food too!

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